Traffic Film Remover - High Strength 200 Litre

Traffic Film Remover - High Strength 200 Litre


Many Reasons to Choose our TFR Cleaner 900

  • Ideal for use on commercial & domestic vehicles.
  • More Concentrated than most of our Competitors’ Products
  • Double the Strength, High-Quality TFR
  • Pressure wash and hand pump safe.
  • Price match with a Performance promise
  • Caustic based TFR
  • Our TFR is designed to clear grime aggressively without a whole lot of care for protecting the paintwork
  • Use for fleets of vehicles that have thick dirt and grime and need a brushless cleaning solution.
  • Affordable price

different size of chemical drums, cans, IBC

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Our special traffic film remover 900 is more concentrated than most of our competitors’ products.
You won’t find a TFR like this anywhere else on the market.
It’s so easy to apply. It can be used in your chemical tank on a pressure washer at 2-3% or you can dilute it in a pump sprayer at 1:4 for the best results.
It can be diluted at up to 1:10 depending on the level of soiling on your vehicle. For heavily soiled vehicles use the solution at 1:4 and for lightly soiled at 1:10. Test and Find the right dilution for you.

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