Professional Dog Shampoo Apple Concentrated 5L

Professional Dog Shampoo Apple Concentrated 5L


JOVS Professional Dog Shampoo 5L – Apple Scent, Concentrated Formula – Ideal for Puppies and Dogs with Sensitive Skin – Odour Remover, Gentle & Deep Cleaning.



Transform your pet’s grooming routine with FILO Dog Shampoo, the professional-grade solution trusted by groomers and pet professionals. Our 5-litre dog shampoo is perfect for ensuring your furry friend looks and smells their best. Elevate bath time with FILO Dog Shampoo’s delightful apple fragrance, turning every wash into a fragrant escape that leaves your dog’s coat a sweet, apple-scented sensation.
Specially formulated to provide a thorough and gentle cleanse, FILO Dog Shampoo is ideal for both puppies and adult dogs. Its balanced formula ensures a soft, glossy coat that will make your pet stand out. Enjoy unbeatable savings with FILO’s concentrated formula—a little goes a long way, making each 5-litre bottle an economical choice for both professional groomers and pet owners.
Treat your dog to a soothing cleanse with FILO’s skin-friendly formula. Although it contains ingredients that may cause skin and eye irritation, when used as directed and thoroughly rinsed, it helps keep your dog’s coat clean and fresh. Simplify your grooming routine with FILO Dog Shampoo; its easy-to-use formula lathers well and rinses out effortlessly, ensuring a hassle-free bath time for you and a delightful grooming experience for your pet.
Crafted for industrial use, FILO Dog Shampoo is the top choice for groomers and pet professionals. Safe for puppies and suitable for all breeds, this shampoo offers the high-end grooming solution your pet deserves. Give your dog the gift of a fresh, clean coat with FILO Dog Shampoo. Order your 5-litre bottle today and discover why professionals trust FILO for their grooming needs!
APPLE SCENTED FRESHNESS: Infuse bath time with the delightful aroma of fresh apples. FILO Dog Shampoo’s apple scent leaves your dog’s coat smelling clean and sweet, making each wash a pleasant experience.
GENTLE & EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Formulated for a luxurious shine and gentle cleanse, FILO Dog Shampoo offers a spa-like grooming experience. It is suitable for dogs and puppies, providing a soft, glossy coat.
CONCENTRATED FORMULA FOR VALUE: Save more with FILO’s concentrated formula. A little goes a long way, ensuring you get the maximum use out of each 5L bottle, making it an economical choice for professional groomers and pet owners alike.
EASY TO USE: Designed for effortless application, FILO Dog Shampoo lathers easily and rinses out thoroughly, simplifying the grooming process. Enjoy a hassle-free bath time and a clean, happy dog.
SAFE & PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: FILO Dog Shampoo is formulated for professional use and is safe for puppies. Its skin-friendly formula is gentle yet effective, making it a trusted choice for groomers and pet owners who want the best for their pets.

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