Premium Winter Screen Wash -24°C - 20 Litres

Premium Winter Screen Wash -24°C - 20 Litres


How to use:

  1. Get high-grade windscreen washer fluid, concentrated.
  2. Mix concentrated fluid with water as per season’s ratio or Dilutes upto 1:20.
  3. Locate reservoir cap, usually blue with a windshield symbol.
  4. Pour screenwash concentrate into the reservoir.
  5. Fill reservoir completely, allowing bubbles to dissipate.
  6. Close the cap securely.
  7. Enjoy clear windscreen wash anytime you need it.

Note: Follow manufacturer instructions for specific guidance.


Introducing JOVS Premium Winter Screen Wash -24°C, the ideal solution for severe winter conditions when temperatures drop to -24 degrees Celsius. This specially formulated screen wash is designed to keep your windscreen clean, clear, and gleaming, ensuring optimal visibility even in the harshest winter weather.

Key Features:

Ultimate Winter Protection: Our Premium Winter Screen Wash is specifically developed to withstand extreme cold temperatures, providing outstanding performance in freezing conditions. It effectively removes ice, frost, and stubborn dirt, allowing you to maintain a crystal-clear view of the road ahead.

Reduces Sun Dazzle: Don’t let sun dazzle compromise your visibility. Our screen wash eliminates the fine particles of dust and grime that can cause sun dazzle, ensuring a clear windscreen even when the sun is shining brightly. Drive with confidence, knowing that your windscreen is clean and free from any visibility hindrances.

Legal Compliance: Driving with a dirty and grimy windscreen can be a safety hazard and may result in reduced visibility. Our Premium Winter Screen Wash helps you meet legal requirements by ensuring your windscreen is clean, providing optimum visibility and promoting safer driving.

Vehicle Protection: Safeguard your vehicle from potential damage caused by using inappropriate cleaning agents. Our screen wash is specifically formulated for automotive use, ensuring it is gentle on your vehicle’s paint and internal components. Keep your vehicle in top condition without worrying about any adverse effects.

Enhanced Visibility: Experience improved visibility in all driving conditions. Our screen wash effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and road spray, preventing smearing and enhancing clarity. Enjoy a clear outlook on your windscreen, even when faced with sudden splashes of mud or other stains that can obstruct your vision.

Anti-Freezing Formula: Our Premium Winter Screen Wash contains antifreeze properties that prevent it from freezing on your windscreen. It effectively keeps your windscreen frost-free, ensuring optimal visibility no matter how cold the temperature drops. Drive confidently, knowing your windscreen will remain sparkling and clear.

Swift Accident Recovery: Unexpected incidents such as insect swarms can be a nuisance while driving. Our screen wash provides instant relief by swiftly eliminating the mess and restoring your windscreen to its pristine condition. Keep your journey uninterrupted and maintain focus on the road ahead.

Choose our Premium Winter Screen Wash -24°C for reliable and efficient cleaning performance, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view during severe winter conditions. Drive with confidence, knowing your windscreen is protected and your visibility is enhanced.

Order now and experience the difference our Premium Winter Screen Wash can make in keeping your windscreen clean, clear, and gleaming even in the toughest winter weather.

(Note: Ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal usage and safety.)


5L, 20L, 200L

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