AdBlue 1000Litre

AdBlue 1000Litre


High-Quality Adblue 1000 Litre

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• Reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by up to 80%

• Secure opening and locking to prevent spills and odours

• Easy to keep in the boot of your vehicle for when you need it

• Non-toxic and colourless

• An aqueous solution of approx 32.5% wt/wt of urea

• ISO22241-1 compliant

•Includes Spout

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AdBlue is a light colourless 32.5% Aqueous Urea Solution used as a fluid in the latest generation of diesel-powered Euro IV Euro V & Euro VI trucks. Reduces environmental impact through reduced emissions.

Complies with DIN700070 & ISO 22241 specifications. All trucks and buses registered after October 2006 must be Euro IV, Euro V or Euro VI compliant and most will require AdBlue.

The spout will save you time and effort, thanks to its breathing pipe that help the product to flow out of the can easily.

Used to clean up diesel emissions is known as selective catalytic red

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